Under 12 Red Match Reports 2017/18

Whitton United   - Away

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Saturday 14th October, 2017

Squad: Alfie S, Charlie, Harvey, Ellis, Alfie M, Joe, Kyle, Luke, Alfie R, Mustapha, Anthony, Asa, Ethan, Jarvis, Mason, Tatiana, Henry

Management: Anton Zefi, Isaac Chennery

Summer weather had returned to Suffolk and in the bright sunshine we arrived at Whitton United Football Club. After playing Tetris in the carpark and admiring Nicki M’s new motor, it was off to the pitch to see if we could repeat the home result of a convincing win and keep up the team’s 100% league record. (Sod the cup.)

As we were waiting for the game to commence I got involved in a conversation with the aforementioned Nicki M and I learnt a couple surprising things. Firstly, she’s innumerate – she told me that it was 20 years since the savage storms of 1987. I can therefore only assume that she’s actually 57 and not 47 years old. Secondly, she’s illiterate – as when I asked if her if her dogs were Shihtzus, she said “no, they’re extremely well behaved.” These as well as stories involving Woodbines and adult web sites frightened me greatly and I immediately ambled away.

Felixstowe kicked off the first half but it was the home side that produced the first chance. Charlie was slow to react when coming off his line and if the Whitton striker had a decent left foot I’m sure we’d have been a goal down. Two minutes later and the action was at the other end. Mason raced down the left flank and pulled the ball back for Asa to neatly finish and it was 0-1.

Whitton were putting up a good show and only great defensive work by Muzzy, Jarvis and Alfie M stopped them from having other opportunities on goal. Mason had a shot in the eighth minute and three minutes later Joe won a corner which was subsequently headed over the bar. On the fifteen minute mark Whitton broke through the middle, two tackles were missed, the ball was played to the left and after a nice first touch the Whitton striker produced a great finish to make the score 1-1 and no more than they deserved.

After the restart the home side continued to press and only good work from Alfie M and Ellis prevented them from taking the lead. In the twentieth minute they did manage a strike at goal, but Charlie saved the 20 yard effort easily. A minute later and Asa tried to double his tally, only to see his shot blocked for a corner. At the other end Whitton had a shot go wide and a once again Alfie S came off the better when a Whitton player decided to barge him. (When will they learn?) On twenty-nine minutes the score line changed. Tatiana passed to Ant, he passed to Asa who saw his shot saved, but Ant followed up and it was 1-2 to Felixstowe.

The final few minutes of the half saw a shot from Tatiana go straight into the keepers’ arms, Ethan set up Harvey and his shot was saved low down and then the keeper produced another piece of brave keeping when he lunged at the feet of two oncoming players and came out on top. Muzzy then set up Harvey who saw his lob from distance hit the top of the net and he had a further effort from fully thirty yards go wide. All these missed chances meant the score at half-time remained 1-2.

You could see that Anton was frustrated at not being further in front and during the team talk showed his temperamental side – 50% temper and 50% mental. Would it work? Read on.

The second half ended in much the same way as the first. Harvey saw his shot brilliantly saved by the Whitton keeper and Charlie hit the rebound wide. A minute later Ethan had an opportunity from 8 yards which was again superbly saved and then Alfie R set him up and his effort went wide. A further minute went by and Ethan turned provider, only to see nobody get on the end of his ball across the six yard line. It was all Felixstowe and in the fortieth minute Alfie R took a free-kick from 25 yards out, it floated into the penalty box dropped onto the six yard line and Charlie was on hand to hit a sweet half-volley in to the net for 1-3.

It was all Felixstowe and although the football was great, they were making chances for themselves. However, Whitton never gave up and confusion was created in the Felixstowe six yard box from a free-kick and Alfie R was the guilty party as the score moved on to 2-3 from an own goal.

The goal seemed to spur United on and Luke had to work hard to prevent them having a chance to equalize. Then an opportunity did come their way when their striker was tripped in the area and they had a penalty. The Whitton player started his run up and then struck the ball well. However, Alfie S was equal to it and produced a good save. That seemed to be the wake-up call needed for the F&W players. They went straight up the opposite end and Mason and Ethan both had shots blocked after good work in setting them up from Alfie M. In the fifty-eighth minute Felixstowe extended their lead when Henry ran through the middle, passed to Alfie R who played in Ethan to finish and make it 2-4.

Two minutes later and it was 2-5. Alfie R took another free-kick which bounced in the box and this time Ethan was hand to convert.

In the sixty-second minute we saw a contender for goal of the season. Harvey played the ball to Mason and he sent a curling shot into the top corner from fully twenty yards giving the keeper no chance and it was 2-6.

The final minutes of the game were played out with no further goals, however there were chances. Alfie R set up Harvey who’s shot was saved, Ellis had a twenty-yarder tipped over the bar, Asa had an effort go wide and he also had the last meaningful effort when Henry set him up but his smart turn ended with a shot straight in to the arms of the goalie.


So the final result was a comfortable win, but had Whitton scored the penalty the pattern of the game may have changed. Full credit to the opposition for their perseverance and in particular to their goalkeeper who produced a great performance between the sticks.

The future’s bright, it’s Red and White


Ipswich Wanderers - Cup     (home)

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Date:  Saturday 7th October, 2017

Squad: Alfie S, Charlie, Harvey, Ellis, Alfie M, Joe, Kyle, Luke, Alfie R, Mustapha, Anthony, Asa, Ethan, Jarvis, Mason, Tatiana

Management: Anton Zefi and Isaac Chennery

After two league matches, it was now on to the romance of the cup. The question on everyone’s lips was not “will Alia have ketchup or mayo on her chips at half time this week?” but “would the team take their free-scoring league form in to the cup competition?”

First up, the new team photograph as the whole squad was available. As is usual with our boys it took about ten minutes to get them all facing the same direction let alone anything else. However, I’ve seen the results and for an unsightly bunch it’s ok. Something to put on your mantelpiece to keep the kids away from the fire I’d say. The Managers also got involved in one of the photos, but this was delayed as Anton tried to cover up his bald patch with silly-string.

Not a bad crowd turned up to enjoy the game. Among them were Darrel who’d obviously changed his mind about decorating, Ironside and Maria who I shared a wonderful ten minutes with her earlier in the week; just a shame I was with her for an hour. 

The weather was very breezy and fortunately there was no bonfire this week so visibility was good. Certainly good enough to see Baz in his retro-ref attire and as the man says “why change it if looks good!!”

Also at the game were Martin and Marie-Ann Ross. It was nice to see them as they’ve been mourning the loss of Hugh Heffner and are now having special Friday nights as well as Tuesday nights in his honour. So successful has this been I’m told that they will be selling the Mondeo and are on the lookout for a reasonably priced mini-bus.!!!

Ipswich Wanderers kicked off the first half. From the centre spot the ball was passed back and then immediately went out to their right-winger. He ran took a touch ran forward and was challenged by a F&W defender. The ball ricocheted out towards goal and the winger took one touch and produced a quality finish that gave the keeper absolutely no chance. 0-1

Twenty seconds in to the game and one down. Not the start anyone expected and for the next five or ten minutes Wanderers dominated the play. Alfie S in the goal was kept busy, catching a cross and moving quickly off his line on a couple of occasions to prevent shots on goal. In the sixth minute Ethan had our first chance when he out-muscled a defender and saw his shot land on top of the net. A minute later the ball was played long into the Felixstowe box and Alfie S came out to gather it and was clattered into by the Wanderers striker. However, there was only ever going to one winner in that circumstance and their striker duly picked himself up off the floor, brushed himself off and walked away.

Felixstowe earned their first corner of the match through good work from Luke, but nothing came of it. A minute later Alfie R had a shot pushed wide by their keeper and the resultant corner was flashed across the six yard line by Asa but nobody could connect with it.

Both teams were working hard, Wanderers playing the ball out from the back very well and for F&W Tatty was putting in the work rate and the tackles. The game was now even after the home sides’ shaky start and some good work from Muzyy set up Harvey who saw his shot go straight in to the arms of the keeper. Two minutes later Harvey went on a run down the left and let fly with another effort that also went straight down the keepers’ throat for an easy save.

With five minutes to go Wanderers had a chance from a corner but Ellis was on hand to clear under pressure. They also had another chance from a free-kick but the move was snubbed out by Kyle after some determined sprinting back and tackling.

Halftime arrived with the boys trailing and Alia clutching boxes. What was in them? Couldn’t be the usual chips could it? No, it was four boxes of cream cakes. We’d all forgotten it was a cup match and that means cakes not chips!!! Unbelievable Jeff.

Two minutes in to the second half and a neat one-two between Tatty and Kyle ended with Tatty’s shot going wide. Three minutes later and Ant’s shot was gathered by their keeper and his long kick bounced over the half-way line, was latched on to by their striker and his lobbed shot ended up on the roof of the net. The next few minutes saw Wanderers have two further efforts on goal, one of which was superbly saved by Alfie S. They could also have had another chance but this was negated by a superb tackle by Muzzy.

Over the next few minutes Felixstowe began to take control and had a shot from Ethan pushed wide, a shot from Tatty saved and a shot from Joe was deflected for a corner. In the fifty-seventh Alfie M played the ball wide to Kyle who put in a peach of a ball but neither Tatty or Ethan could get on the end of it. This was followed by Ant having a good effort saved and at the other end Jarvis was snuffing out danger at the earliest opportunity with solid defending. On sixty minutes Tatty won the ball, skipped a tackle and hit a shot that curled agonisingly round the wrong side of the post.

The visitors’ forays into the Felixstowe penalty area were few. In the sixtieth minute another of their strikers went for a fifty-fifty with Alfie S, but the outcome was the same as with his team mate and he was bounced off in the same casual manner. With ten minutes of the game remaining Felixstowe were still piling on the pressure with another shot from Tatty going wide. A cross from Ant was bravely gathered by the Wanderers keeper at the feet of two incoming players and a long ball from Alfie S was latched onto by Ethan but was blasted over the crossbar. With two minutes left on the clock the home side got free-kick twenty yards out. After being punted out of the area by the opposition it fell to Harvey whose shot from the edge of the box hit the post. That was to be the last real action of the tie.

So Felixstowe and Walton are out of the cup having lost 1-0 to Ipswich Wanderers who scored in the first minute of the game. Wanderers defended well and restricted the home side to mainly shots from distance.  F&W had their chances, but the visitors’ keeper was in good form and some of the shooting from the home side was too erratic. We wish Ipswich Wanderers all the best for the next round; well played.


The answer to last weeks “Cockney Rhyming Slang” competition was – J Arthur Rank. Quite simple really and many of you got it right. However, the first name out of the hat was Mr. A. Butcher from Camden who wins an over-priced car cleaning kit or as its better known these days the West Ham home shirt. Congratulations.

Heads up boys - The future’s still bright, it’s

Red and White






Claydon  - Home

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Saturday 23rd September, 2017

Team: Alfie S, Charlie, Harvey, Ellis, Alfie M, Joe, Kyle, Luke, Alfie R, Mustapha, Anthony, Asa, Ethan, Jarvis, Mason,

Management: Anton Zefi and Isaac Chennery

The performance of two weeks ago set out the crowd’s expectations for the season; good football, teamwork, passion and victory. Could the side continue their winning start to the season in their second home match? Read on.

We were hoping for sunshine, but all we got was rain, not a downpour, but just enough to annoy Debbie which made it seem ok.  The crowd of around forty contained a good number of away fans as well as plenty of home support. The home fans included the Sharplins who for once weren’t in Tenerife and it was wonderful to see Shaz was also there after her recent spell in hospital. Unfortunately she got her dates mixed up as the “Come as a scientist day” was last weekend. However, if she’d have got it right she would undoubtedly have won first prize for her Stephen Hawkin impersonation. We wish her a speedy recovery even if she is bit ditzy. It was only last week that she told me she went to watch a musical in London recently and then spent the next five minutes complaining to me about how there was too much singing in it.!!!

Fifteen minutes before kick-off and it was like being at Chernobyl as a fire in a local garden started spewing thick black smoke across the pitch. Luckily Graham Herron was on hand to play Henry Kissinger and within a couple of minutes the fire was extinguished. After this act of mediation he was straight over to run the line in his shiny, new Nike Tiempos; very fetching.

Felixstowe kicked off the first half and immediately started on the front foot. In the first four minutes both Ethan and Alfie R were one on one with keeper, but on both occasions the keeper saved well. The two efforts were quickly followed by a shot from Anthony from distance that went past the post. It took six minutes for Claydon to get a meaningful attack going and when they did it was quickly nipped in the bud by Ellis.

The home side continued to dictate the play and further chances were created. Anthony set up Alfie R who saw his shot saved, Anthony himself shot wide again and a corner was headed just over by Luke. In the fourteenth minute Alfie M saw his shot hit the side netting, but the deadlock was broken minute later when Jarvis slid the ball through to Alfie R who produced a neat finish for 1-0.

Although Felixstowe were dominating the game, Claydon were slowly getting back in to it and Alfie Sharplin produced a wonderful punch away when the ball looked to be dropping into the penalty area. Jarvis and Ellis were working well in defence and looking solid. At the other end the boys nearly doubled their lead when Harvey and Luke combined well to set up Alfie R. He took the ball in his stride, rounded the keeper and sent the ball goal-wards, but he was denied his second by a great goal line clearance by a Claydon defender.

After another effort from Alfie R was tipped round the post the lead was eventually doubled. Kyle intercepted a pass from the Claydon goalie, ran towards goal and produced a confident finish for 2-0.

The boys were now oozing confidence and created more chances. A cross from Alfie R was almost converted by Kyle, Anthony set up Alfie R but his shot was awful, Asa saw his peach of a volley go wide and Mason had an effort saved by the opposition keeper. However, try as they might they just couldn’t increase their lead and went in at half-time just the two ahead.

The second half started in much the same manner as the first had finished, with the home side having the majority of the possession and after only a couple of minutes they increased their lead when Ethan received the ball, took two strides and shot past the keeper, 3-0.

The game took a turn for the worse in the thirty-seventh minute as some neat footwork from a Claydon forward earned them a penalty when he was brought down in the box. The penalty was neatly converted giving Alfie S no chance and it was 3-1.

A minute after the restart and normal service resumed. Jarvis set up Asa and one on one with the keeper he came off best and the score line moved on to 4-1.

Two minutes later and Ethan was back in the thick of it. He chased a long ball from Joe and clashed with the keeper; ouch, but thankfully both were ok. A minute later he produced a peach of a cross for Asa who saw his effort go wide of the target.

The defence were now having a bit more to do, but Joe and Ellis remained solid and with good work from Alfie S they were keeping Claydon at bay. Midway through the second half and Felixstowe were getting caught offside too much in their eagerness to extend their lead. From one of the resulting free-kicks, Claydon created an opportunity for their striker and only a smart save from Alfie S down to his left kept the score the same.

On fifty-one minutes Ethan struck again. He was put in by Harvey and one on one again he came out on top and the score moved on to 5-1. A minute later and it was 6-1. A similar move to that previous, only this time his hat-trick finish was through the keepers’ legs.

Charlie was playing up front for a period in the second half and was relishing the opportunity to show his class. In the fifty-third minute he showed great skill with a neat turn and set up Harvey who saw his shot go wide. Muzzy was bossing the midfield and putting in his usual powerful display and supplied the cross that Ethan converted to make it 7-1.

With four minutes to go Harvey played a nice ball through for Ellis to run on to, but his attempt at goal was more like a back pass. Sorry Ellis, it’s the truth.!! Felixstowe rounded off the game with three more goal attempts. Alfie R set up Harvey who hit the post and Anthony had a shot saved and another go wide.

Overall a good result and a reasonable performance, with Ethan proving that actions speak louder than coaches; occasionally.!!! Let’s keep it going boys.

The future’s bright, it’s Red and White


Whitton United - Home

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Suffolk Youth Football League

Saturday 9th September, 2017

Team: Alfie S, Charlie, Harvey, Ellis, Alfie M, Joe, Kyle, Tatiana, Luke, Alfie R, Mustapha, Anthony, Asa, Ethan

Management: Anton Zefi and Isaac Chennery

During the close season the team won around fifty percent of the tournaments they entered and also signed some additional players. They had a break from football during August and were raring to get going in their first season of competitive league football. The management were just as keen to get started after a few weeks of well-earned relaxation. Isaac was back from a few days away in Yorkshire where he came a commendable ninth out of ten in the National Dry Stone Walling Championship and Anton had three weeks in his native Albania where he indulged in their national delicacy of mixed-roadkill. An acquired taste, but more than acceptable when accompanied by a glass of “raki”; their national drink that makes Absinthe seem like Tizer.

So on to the game. Felixstowe kicked off the first half and immediately started to dictate the pace of the play. They retained possession well and after only six minutes broke the deadlock when Kyle crossed into the box, the visiting ‘keeper mis-kicked it and Harvey followed up to make it 1-0.

Two minutes later and the lead was doubled. A slide-rule pass from new boy Ethan Harris was played in to the path of Alfie R, who sprinted on to it, took two touches and then fired it past the ‘keeper for 2-0.

The home side were now well on top and playing some neat football. Although Tatiana was lucky to remain on the pitch when a scissor tackle almost cut one of the opposition in half.!! Over the next eight minutes Whitton earned a free-kick which came to nothing, Alfie S between the home sticks was out sharply to snuff out an opposition chance and Tatty had an effort go wide. In the sixteenth minute the lead was further increased when Tatty passed the ball to Kyle, his shot was parried and Tatty was on the spot to prod home the rebound from the unlucky ‘keeper and it was 3-0.

Felixstowe continued to dominate and Asa produced a smart turn to create a chance for himself that didn’t really trouble the ‘keeper. Then in the eighteenth minute Kyle played a neat ball to Alfie R who saw his shot saved, but Asa was on hand to open his account and the score moved on to 4-0.

The home side continued to dominate proceedings and over the next couple of minutes Asa had a shot saved and a long shot from Harvey went over the bar. Then, on twenty-five minutes, Alfie R teed up Harvey and his shot crashed in off the crossbar for 5-0.

A minute later and the lead was further extended when Kyle won the ball with some tough-tackling and set up Asa. His shot was saved, but the rebound fell to Alfie R to tuck away for 6-0.

The last chance of the half fell to Alfie R. He was fed with a beautiful ball from Luke, he cut inside, let fly but his shot rattled the bar.

So at half-time things were looking good. The weather was great and Baz even had time for a bacon roll and a swig of tea. The defence were playing well, restricting the opposition to scraps and all of them were playing with confidence.

The second period started much the same as the first with the home side once again dominating. Tatty had an effort go wide when set up by Ethan and Ellis went on a mazy run that finished with him having a shot go wide. On a rare foray in to the penalty area Whitton got their reward for persistence when one their players was pushed and they were awarded a penalty which was neatly despatched for 6-1.

Felixstowe were not put off by conceding and Tatty had another effort fly over the bar before once again getting the ball in to the net after a good run and cross from Alfie M. 7-1

Two minutes later and Tatty was involved in the next goal. She played a through ball for Ethan to run on to and he took one touch and fired the ball past the onrushing ‘keeper for 8-1.

The home side still continued to make chances and Ethan had three attempts in quick succession that were either saved or went wide of the mark. Alfie R had an effort tipped over the bar and another effort from Ethan was saved after being beautifully set up by the marauding Muzzy.

The defence was still looking good. The talking between Luke, Joe, Ellis and Muzzy could be heard and their tackles and covering were immense. In the forty-ninth minute Whitton broke down the left-hand side, but the attack was snuffed out by another fine tackle from Joe. A minute after this Whitton won a tackle in the centre circle, the player took seven steps towards the goal, let fly and gave the ‘keeper no chance and the score moved to 8-2.

The next ten minutes saw Felixstowe in command and they created further chances. Asa had another shot well saved, Tatty too and the two Alfies on pitch combined well to set up a shot for Ethan.

The last goal of the game came after some quick-thing (for a change) from Harvey. He won a free-kick and immediately got to his feet and passed the ball forward for Alfie R to run on to and make the final score 9-2.

A great start to the season and great performance from all. The two ‘keepers didn’t see much of the ball, but did their job when called upon. Charlie even played up front for a few minutes, which just confirmed to me that his best position is in goal.

The bubble has burst, so now that all the blue and white shirts have been neatly folded up and consigned to the bottom drawer until the start of next season, why not come and support the first team on regular basis at the Goldstar Ground.


The future’s bright, it’s Red and White (not blue and white)