Under 15 Girls Match Stories 2017/18

Ipswich Valley Rangers - Home

Suffolk Girls & Women's Football League

19th April 2018

Team : Gabby, Amy, Eloise, Katie, Amelia, Charlotte, Maisie J, Hannah, Caitlin, Maizie V, Emily, Poppy.

A sunny Thursday evening welcomed Ipswich Valley Rangers to the Goldstar Ground.  The last encounter was a difficult but entertaining game that the Seasidettes won by the odd goal so it was expected that this game would be a similarly close contested match. The Seasidettes started quite brightly and it wasn’t long before Eloise was advancing on the IVR goal. Several Seasidette attacks were well defended by the IVR defence but at this stage of the game Felixstowe were looking threatening.  IVR are not to be taken lightly though and Gabby needed to be alert and save smartly to keep out IVR’s lively forward line. However, it was the Seasidettes who struck first. Eloise had a shot from distance that was parried to Caitlin, her shot was well saved by the IVR keeper but Amelia was there to calmly  slot the ball into the net for the opening goal.  This seemed to stir IVR into life and they produced a couple of efforts on goal that Gabby had to be at her best to save. Unfortunately it wasn’t long before IVR got the equalizer. The game was now end to end with chances being created by both sides. Gabby was in excellent form for the Seasidettes and produced a number of brave saves to keep the score level. Then the goal came and thankfully it was for the team in red and white. A succession of corners where only half cleared by the IVR defence before a smart cross was deftly headed in by Amelia for her second. The rest of the half played out with no more goals.

Half Time Felixstowe & Walton U15 Girls  2  -  1  Ipswich Valley Rangers FC

IVR started the half on the attack but was again denied by resolute defending a great saves by Gabby. Amelia was close to her hat-trick as she cut inside and smacked the crossbar with a curling shot from just outside the box. IVR were however looking the stronger as the Seasidettes energy levels were suffering due to the lack of recent games and it wasn’t long before they got their equalizer. A free kick from just outside the Seasidettes penalty area was crossed in dangerously and an IVR player lost her marker to steer the ball in at the far post.  The game then went through a spell where it was mostly IVR who threatened a goal, but the Seasidettes defended in numbers and managed to keep every attack at bay. This seemed reminiscent of the previous encounter but once again the Seasidettes stood firm and did not concede again. The home side thought Caitlin had won it right at the death but her calm finish was marginally ruled off-side.  No further goals were scored as the game ended in a draw.

Final Score Felixstowe & Walton U15 Girls  2  -  2  Ipswich Valley Rangers FC

Well done girls. Another difficult match but a point won. Stick together as a team and keeping working hard and you will be rewarded with the success you deserve this season.  May even qualify for Europe !


Capel Plough - Home

Suffolk Girls & Women's Football League

25th March 2018

Team : Gabby, Amy, Eloise, Katie, Amelia, Charlotte, Maisie J, Hannah, Caitlin, Maizie V, Emily , Poppy.

Capel Plough FC were todays visitors to the Goldstar Ground for an afternoon kick-off.  As always a tough, physical game was expected and that is exactly what we got. Capel are a fast, physical, wide playing team that tend to cause problems for the Seasidettes each time they play them.  This game was no different and although the girls matched them for large parts of the game, it was Capel who had more luck in front of goal.  Capel got their first on the stroke of half-time to go in ahead.  Their extra number of players meant they were able to rotate their team more than the home side and this ultimately made the difference in the second half as the home sides stamina levels dipped due to the lack of recent football. The away side added two more goals to their first half tally to take all 3 points away from the Goldstar.

Final Score Felixstowe & Walton U15 Girls  0  -  3  Capel Plough FC

Notes are a bit short this week as I’m still recovering from running the line for half !  Well done girls, this was always going to be a tough one, but once again your character and determination came through. The game was lost but you never gave up right until the final whistle.  I should also mention that we all wish Abi a speedy recovery from the fractured ankle she sustained whilst playing rugby.


Stowupland Falcons - Home

Suffolk Girls & Women's Football League

11th March 2018

Team : Gabby (GK), Katie, Amy, Amelia, Poppy, Charlotte, Hannah, Maizie V, Emily, Caitlin, Eloise, Emily, Maisie J

A later than normal kick-off saw Stowupland Falcons visit the Goldstar Ground.  The game kicked off in a positive way for the Seasidettes as it was they who started the brighter of the two teams. A good through ball saw Caitlin flagged just off-side for what would have been a good early opportunity to take the lead and make it a “Happy Mother’s Day” for all the attending mum’s.  It wasn’t long before the Falcons started to play like the good team we know them to be and start to exert some pressure and push the Seasidettes back. A string of corners from the Falcons were well defend by the Seasidettes although on one occasion a strong header from the Falcons forward was a little closer than the home side would have liked. Then the Falcon goal came. From another corner, the Seasidettes were unable to prevent a scruffy effort being forced over the line at the back post.  The goal seemed to spark the girls into action and they managed a sustained amount of pressure on the Falcons without reward. A 25yrd shot from Eloise nearly had us all reaching for the “wine” in celebration but sadly it was well saved by the Falcons keeper. Amy was next up and was unlucky to have two successive shots saved on the line. This was shortly followed by a shot from distance by Amelia that went just wide. The Seasidettes were playing the better of the two teams at this stage but it was the Falcons who struck a cruel blow by scoring their second against the run of play. The remainder of the half was a pretty even affair and finished with no further goals.

Half Time  Felixstowe & Walton U15 Girls  0   -  2  Stowupland Falcons FC

The second half started with a strong run from Eloise deep into the Falcons half, but half time had not effected their concentration and they were able to snuff out the threat. It was then the turn of the Falcons to put the Seasidettes under pressure and a good finish gave them their third. The Seasidettes then had a chance to get a goal back. Eloise cleverly back-headed into the Falcons area, but the keeper was able to get to the loose ball just before Maizie V. The Falcons were having the lion’s share of the play at this stage and soon scored a fourth. The Seasidettes still managed to give them cause for concern and you just felt that a goal could come as the Falcons defence looked a little concerned each time the Seasidettes attacked.  However, time was running out for the girls and that goal was just not coming.  Like previous encounters, it was down the wings that the Falcons were causing the most problems. The Falcons are quick and direct down the wings and it didn’t seem to matter if the attack came from the left or the right as the Falcons forwards showed they do not own a “chocolate” leg as crosses were hit into the Seasidettes goal area with pace. These were proving difficult to defend and it wasn’t long before number five was crashed in on the volley for their final goal. The half ended strongly for the Seasiettes as they pressed to get something out of the game. Both Amelia and Katie had shots on target but sadly that goal just wouldn’t come.

Final Score : Felixstowe & Walton U15 Girls 0  -  5   Stowupland Falcons FC

Probably the most difficult opponents the girls could face after a lengthy spell without any football.  They acquitted themselves well despite what the score line may suggest. The girls get a little closer to the better teams in this division each time they play them and prove to themselves that they can compete at this level despite the age gap. You are in a difficult run of games at the moment but keep playing like this and the wins will soon start to happen again.

You got me on the word challenge this time ladies……..have a “happy mother’s day”, enjoy your “flowers” and “chocolates” and if you are really lucky, the “wine” too.   


AFC Kesgrave - Home 

Suffolk Girls & Womens Football League

Sunday 14th January 2018

Team : Katie (GK), Amy, Amelia, Poppy, Charlotte, Hannah, Maizie V, Emily, Caitlin, Eloise, Emily

This week saw AFC Kesgrave visit a cold and frosty Goldstar Ground. An early KO meant all us parents had to drag ourselves and our, no doubt, grumpy daughters from their “sheds”.  A few hot coffees for us parents and an energetic warm up from the girls (they looked so pleased to leave the warmth of the clubhouse) soon cleared our heads and we were good to go. 

Katie once again kindly braved the cold and volunteered to go between the sticks in the absence of Gabby so no doubt a big thanks from the rest of the team for that Katie. Straight from the KO the girls looked much more lively than they seemed in the warm-up. Two early attacks saw AFC have to clear shots off the line from Emily and then Amy. The start looked promising and for the early part of the half it was the Seasidettes playing the better, more attacking football.

Amelia was next to put through a great pass after winning the ball back from an AFC player. However, the glistening  “candyfloss” like surface frost meant that on several occasions great through balls were racing off the surface and giving the centre forwards little chance of getting on the end of them. Eloise and Caitlin were combining well going forward and Amy was on hand to break up any AFC attacks.

It seemed only a matter of time before they broke down AFC’s resilience and got a goal. Then it happened, but it was not the goal we all wanted ! Against the run of play, AFC broke forward and a great finish put them a goal up.

Undeterred the girls pressed again and with “bulldog” determination looked to get a quick equaliser. Several corners were forced and AFC were having to defend strongly to keep the Seasidettes at bay. Charlotte was next to threaten with a shot from distance, but again the AFC keeper saved. It seemed only a matter of time before they got the goal they deserved but rather cruelly it was AFC who scored a second.

A strong shot from distance could only be parried by Katie and it was the AFC forward who reacted first to tap in the loose ball. Two goals down seemed harsh considering the way the Seasidettes were playing and you could have forgiven them if their heads had dropped. That is not the Seasidettes way though, and they kept pressing to try and get a goal back before half time - sadly it was not to be!

Half Time Felixstowe & Walton U15 Girls  0   -  2  AFC Kesgrave

This game was turning into a real end to end affair as AFC were trying to increase their lead and the Seasidettes were trying to get a goal back. AFC’s attacks were not amounting to too much as Hannah, Emily and Maisie were anticipating the forward passes and managing to cut most of them out. But the AFC stuck another blow to the girls. A good pass enabled their forward to get around the back and strike a powerful near post shot that got them goal number three.

Again the girls picked themselves up and a well placed pass from Emily saw Maizie V turn her marker a put Eloise through. But again her shot was well saved. Caitlin was next as she managed to get a shot in but this found the side netting. AFC were still causing concern but (in my biased opinion) it still seemed that the Seasidettes would get a goal back. But again, it was AFC as number four came via a well-placed shot from distance that flew over the head of Katie. The game seemed gone now, but the girls are a proud bunch and seemed to know they were playing well enough to get something back.

Then the chance came as an AFC defender was judged to have handballed in the area and a penalty was awarded. However, luck was definitely not on the Seasidettes side today and unfortunately the penalty went agonisingly wide. It’s just one of those things and no matter how disappointing, anybody who has played the game knows it is brave player that puts themselves forward to take it so they should never be too hard on themselves when it doesn’t come off.

All credit to the Seasidettes, they picked themselves up and kept looking for that elusive goal. An interception by Poppy enabled Amelia to almost put Eloise through on goal but an AFC player just managed to toe the ball away from her. Then finally it happened. Amy won the ball and then played a great pass into the path of Caitlin. The quality of the pass meant Caitlin never had to break stride as she slotted the ball past the advancing keeper. With time running out, was this game on ? The girls certainly thought so as Emily put a quality pass through to Eloise for a chance to get goal number two. Sadly good fortune didn’t stay with the Seasidettes for long as Eloise’s shot went agonisingly wide. In fairness, with the clock running down, it was never likely they were going to get the goals they needed but all credit to them as they never stopped trying right up to the final whistle.

Final Score : Felixstowe & Walton U15 Girls  1  -  4  AFC Kesgrave

Goal Scorers : Caitlin x 1

The score line really doesn’t do the girls performance justice, with a bit more luck in front of goal this game could possibly have been won, certainly drawn, AFC gave their keeper the player of the match award which probably says it all. A tough defeat for the girls to take considering their performance that once again gave them nothing to show for it. AFC are a good side that finished off the chances they were given with well struck goals. Well done AFC for making it a highly entertaining game  -  I’d like to think you went away acknowledging the girls in red and white gave you a tough match.

Lastly, it was difficult to meet the word challenge this week ladies -  I’ve done the best I could !


Stowupland Falcons FC  - Away

Suffolk Girls & Womens Football League

Sunday 14th January 2018

Team :Gabby (GK), Caitlin, Katie, Amy, Amelia, Poppy, Charlotte, Hannah, Maizie V, Emily 

A leisurely family weekend at Centre Parc’s meant I was not around for last week’s home game against Kesgrave Kestrels. I understand they did ok but talking to some of the girls before kick-off I sensed they felt it was 2 points dropped.  This weeks away trip to Stowupland was certainly not going to be an easy game to get those points back but, as Saint & Greavesy used say (for those of us old enough to remember) footballs a funny old game !

The girls kicked off and managed to get forward early and get a shot in from distance but it wasn’t long before the Falcons showed their quality. Good play was enabling the home side to get the ball wide and a strong runs from the Falcons wide players were getting behind the Seasidettes defence on numerous occasions. This seemed to be the story of the first half and indeed the rest of the match as this method of play produced most of the home sides goals. Unfortunately, despite their efforts, the girls were struggling to contain this method of play. Gabby was being called into action more times than she would have liked and produced several excellent saves but unfortunately the goals kept coming. The girls did manage to play some good passing football at times but seemed to have little joy in the home teams half. Each time they made a break through, the attack was snuffed out and a counter attack  mounted. There were also some contentious refereeing decisions in the game. Three handballs by the home team in the build-up that led to three of the goals were missed and a 50/50 penalty decision that went against the Seasidettes. However, it has to be said, the referee also missed a handball by one of the Seasidettes. This would have given the Falcons a definite penalty but in fairness to the Falcons management, the game was already won so the decision was not contested. The Seasidettes also scored the goal of the game for me. A powerful cross from a Falcons player produced deft flick from Katie over the head of Gabby giving her no chance to save.

I feel it is worth mentioning that, although tough, both teams played with an excellent attitude. There were several hard but fair tackles from both sides but the girls never complained and all just got on with the match.

Final Score :

Stowupland Falcons  9  -  0  Felixstowe & Walton U15 Girls

The toughest game so far this season for the girls. They never gave up and made a harder game of it than the score line possibly suggests.  Be under no illusions though……..Stowupland are top of the table for good reason. They are a powerful, well organised and talented team and it is clear to see why they remain undefeated. The girls worked hard today and should be proud of the effort they put in but it was not meant to be.

Don’t dwell on the result of this one too much girls. As Dan and Richard pointed out, if you work as hard as you did in this one and you will beat a lot of the other teams in this league.

Keep believing in yourselves and enjoy your football.


Capel Plough - Home

Knock Out Cup

Sunday 12th November 2017

Team :  Gabby (GK), Caitlin, Katie, Amy, Maisie J, Amelia, Charlotte, Hannah, Maizie V, Emily, Eloise , Poppy.                   

Capel Plough were the visitors for today’s match at the Goldstar Ground. Whilst the girls warmed up, some of the dads took it upon themselves to have a bit of a Sky Sports corner challenge to keep the cold wind at bay. We like to believe we’ve still got it (and some of us still do, don’t we Dan) but I think most attempts put the clubhouse at risk more than the net. A minutes silence was then observed by both teams and spectators alike in remembrance to those that gave their lives before KO commenced.   

The Seasidettes were playing into the head wind for the first half so the priority was to keep Capel from taking long shots. It was clear this was Capel’s game plan as it wasn’t long before Gabby was called into action having to save a shot from distance. Although conditions were tricky, the girls were still trying to play football on the ground. Charlotte had a strong run into the heart of the Capel defence but was eventually crowded out. Eloise then had a shot after turning her marker following an Amelia throw.

Shortly afterwards the girls were dealt a blow when Maisie J had to be taken off after suffering a heavy knock to the ankle. Capel were having the majority of the play at this stage but the Seasidettes were still managing to create a few chances of their own.  Amelia was next to have an opportunity following a one-two with Eloise but sadly it didn’t amount to anything.  

Then came the goal Capel had been threatening. Katie and Amelia both made strong tackles but the ball somehow found a Capel player who squeezed the ball through a number of players and just inside the post. Gabby was then forced into an excellent double save as the Capel “pocket rockets” broke through the defence and struck two firm shots. The pressure was telling now and Capel managed a second.  Maizie V and Poppy combined well but again the Seasidettes couldn’t make any progress into the away sides goal area. No further opportunities of note were created as the half ended fairly evenly  -  no 39th minute goal this week.  

Half Time Felixstowe & Walton U15 Girls  0  -  2  Capel Plough FC U15 Girls

With the wind now behind them, the Seasidettes hoped they could have more of the play in the 2nd half, being only two goals down meant they were still in this game. Poppy won the ball out wide, skipped past her marker and hit a curling shot that was well saved but spilled by the keeper,  Maizie V couldn’t quite get to the rebound quick enough, enabling the keeper to close down the angle and block her shot. Although having a bit more of the play, Capel were still dangerous on the break. Their pacey wingers were getting the opportunities to get to the by-line and put many  “perpendicular” crosses into the box. It was only a matter of time before a third goal was conceded as once again they broke and got behind the Seasidettes defence. Unfortunately the third was soon followed by a fourth when a penalty was awarded (although from where I was standing I couldn’t see why)   -  was this to be Gabby’s “X-Factor” moment as she pulled off a magnificent save…….even though she guessed correctly and got hands to it, she was unable to prevent goal number four.

Fair play to the Seasidettes, they never gave up and still tried to get back into the game. Unfortunately, another break-away goal saw Capel get a fifth. Typically though, the Seasidettes always like to have the last say. A thunderous tackle by chopper Hakes (Katie) saw the ball break to Amelia who managed to make space for herself and thump a shot in at the near post. A few minutes later, a great passage of play saw Amelia play the pass of the match through to Eloise. It looked like a second Seasidettes goal was about to come but it was not to be as Eloise’s shot cannoned back of the bar and away to safety. There was still time for Eloise to hit the side netting before the final whistle brought the game to an end.

Final Score : Felixstowe & Walton United U15 Girls  1   -  5  Capel Plough FC U15 Girls

Goal Scorers : Amelia x 1

A tough match in difficult conditions. A few injuries in the game and several girls carrying knocks did not help today but, no excuses, Capel deserved their win but 5 was possibly a little flattering.  Yes the away side may think I’m biased if they read this but I didn’t think the game was as one-sided as the score may suggest.  Like the 1st team, cup matches are not our thing………who needs a distracting cup run.

Well done girls and keep enjoying your football.

PS   thanks for the challenge Mum’s  -  I think I got them all in (you know what I’m on about)



Ipswich Valley Rangers 1 Seasidettes 2

Suffolk Girls & Womens Football League 

Sunday 29th October 2017

Team :  Gabby (GK), Caitlin, Katie, Amy, Maisie J, Amelia, Charlotte, Abi, Maizie V, Emily, Eloise                    

The Seasidettes made the relatively short trip to Greshams to play Ipswich Valley Rangers today.  On approaching the pitch, we discovered the previous night’s left over fireworks  -  either that or IVR were planning rather elaborate celebrations for any goals scored !?  

As the game kicked off it became apparent that both teams probably would have preferred to have stayed in their warm beds (it was a bit chilly stood on the sideline) as both teams were a bit sluggish.  IVR got into the Seasidettes half a bit more frequently in the first 10/15 than Tam, Dan and Richard  would have liked, but they didn’t really threaten the Seasidettes goal.

After a slow start from both sides, it was the Seasidettes who, midway through the half, carved out the first real opportunity when Eloise had a good shot blocked. A short while later a sliced IVR clearance nearly resulted in an OG as the ball flew past the back post and out for a corner.

IVR started to put pressure on the Seasidettes defence and managed to win a free-kick in a threatening area. However, they were unable to capitalise as the resultant shot came back off the post and away to safety.

The Seasidettes had settled into the game a bit more now and were playing the more attacking football. Caitlin put a chance just wide and Eloise saw a header scrape the post. The Seasidettes were looking the most likely to score at this stage and then it came. A fantastic through ball from Charlotte sent Amy clear of the IVR defence. She managed to shrug off a challenge before curling a powerful shot into the IVR net for her first goal of the season. The girls were confident now and went looking for another and it was not long coming. Charlotte went on a bit of a run which proved too strong for the IVR defence and duly dispatched a great cross shot past the keeper. The goal she has deserved and tried so hard for finally came.

A third goal before half time would probably have seen off IVR as it was evident their heads had dropped a little and they started to get a bit niggly.  However, the girls like to make a game of things and stress us all out -  particularly in the 39th minute. We don’t like the 39th minute! IVR pressure on the defence saw the Seasidettes let the opposition back in and concede right on the stoke of half-time.  

Half Time Ipswich Valley Rangers  1  -  2  Felixstowe & Walton U15 Girls

The late goal and half-time team talk seemed to have given IVR added confidence as they started the 2nd half with a bit more urgency to their game. Although pretty even to start with, as time went on IVR seemed to camp themselves in the Seasidettes half for longer periods of time. Resilient defending and a touch of good fortune were managing to keep IVR at bay but it didn’t seem like the girls could soak up this much pressure without conceding sooner or later. But hold out they did.

Katie, Maisie J and Amelia were throwing themselves in front of everything IVR could throw at them, their efforts were being supported by Emily, Eloise and Amy along with Gabby between the posts.

Up front, Abi, Caitlin and Maizie were doing their best to hold up play when the Seasidettes won the ball but IVR pressure was not allowing them to get much service. On more than one occasion it looked like IVR were going to score and then an outstretched leg or a goal line save prevented it. IVR grew more and more frustrated with the Seasidettes stubbornness not to concede and the game once again became a bit niggly. As the final whistle grew closer, the Seasidettes managed to create a couple of late chances. Eloise was brought down just outside the box and Amelia was unlucky with the resultant free kick. A couple of last ditch tackles then prevented Eloise from getting through as the Seasidettes started to win a bit more possession. The away support were now willing the final whistle to come as blood pressure levels were getting too high. The relief was evident all round when that whistle was finally blown and the Seasidettes had held on for their 4th win in 6.

Final Score : Ipswich Valley Rangers  1  -  2  Felixstowe & Walton United U15 Girls 

Goal Scorers : Amy x 1, Charlotte x 1 

A great result in the end and a well-earned win after last week’s unfortunate loss.  A solid 1st half performance followed by arguably the best defensive display they have had to give in the 2nd.  This gave the away supporters probably one of the most tense football matches they have watched in a while. We not getting any younger and can’t take the stress girls so PLEASE don’t put us through that too often J.  A PoM (Player of the Match) award goes to Amy for a great goal and continuing to battle despite the bloody lip she was given.  Also worth a mention are Maisie J and Amelia who defended like their lives depended on it at times. 

Keep up the good work and enjoy your football girls!



Seasidettes 1 Bury Town 2

Suffolk Girls & Womens Football League 

Sunday 29th October 2017

Team: Gabby (GK), Caitlin, Katie, Amy, Maisie J, Poppy, Charlotte, Amelia, Emily, Hannah, Eloise, Abi, Maizie V

The Goldstar Ground played host to Bury Town FC today.  A run of recent good form would see the Seasidettes enter this match with every reason to believe a result could be achieved against what is normally a physically strong Bury team.  

The game started with the Seasidettes playing into a strong blustery wind, however it was the Seasidettes who had the first opportunity. Charlotte escaped her marker and got a shot away only to see it go agonisingly wide of the post. Lady luck doesn’t seem to be on Charlotte’s side at the moment and the deserved goal still seems to elude her.  

Bury were using the advantage of having the wind behind them and so nearly took the lead when a powerful header from a corner just cleared the Seasidettes crossbar. This was followed by a couple more shots that went wide of the post. Although Bury seemed to be having slightly better chances, the game was quite evenly matched.

The Seasidettes were coping with the oppositions more physical approach much better than on previous occasions and were creating a few problems for the Bury defence themselves. Both Eloise and Caitlin had opportunities but were denied by last ditch tackles or shots being saved.

Bury thought they had made the break though with a good finish but (although a tight call) the linesman rightly judged it to be off-side.  Just when it seemed like the 1st half was about to end goalless, the Seasidettes pushed up-field a little too high, and a wind assisted long ball found a Bury attacker un-marked. Unfortunately, a composed finish gave Gabby no chance as Bury took the lead with the last kick of the half.

Half Time

Seasidetts 0 Bury Town 1

The second half started with the Seasidettes again creating the first chance, Charlotte and Eloise combining again only for Charlotte’s shot to be smothered by the keeper and be denied again. With the wind advantage, the Seasidettes were able to put Bury under a bit more pressure than they were able to in the 1st half, but, the much needed goal was still eluding them.

Amelia had a couple of shots charged down and Eloise struck the side netting, but still that goal wouldn’t come. It was Bury who very nearly got the goal the Seasidettes were after as a shot deflected off one of their players and sent their keeper the wrong way for what was very nearly an own goal.

Bury then had a chance to double their lead but Gabby saved bravely at the feet of their centre forward. Then it happened, the second goal of the game was scored. Unfortunately, it was another quick break by the away side that saw them double their lead.

The Seasidettes now found themselves undeservedly two down with not long to play. Soon after the re-start, Eloise went on a mazy run past a number of opposition players before finding another great finish from distance to cut the lead to one goal. A couple of strong tackles from Katie and a timely interception by Poppy provided a couple more attacking opportunities but the Bury defence stood firm.

With time running out, the girls continued to push forward for an equaliser but sadly the final whistle denied them what would have been a deserved point.

Final Score :

Seasidette's 1 Bury Town 2

A tough day today. Bury are a strong team but the girls matched them and I think a draw would have been a fair result for both teams. Ok so the Seasidettes didn’t get a result in the end but Bury knew they had played a better, stronger more confident Felixstowe & Walton today. The girls know, and have proved, they can win games this season so train hard, stick together and support each other as a team and listen to your manager and you will soon be back to winning ways.

Keep up the good work and enjoy your football girls.

Goal Scorers : Eloise


Kesgrave Kestrels FC  - Away

Sunday 8th October 2017

Suffolk Girls & Womens Football League 

Team :Katie (GK), Amy, Maisie J, Poppy, Charlotte, Amelia, Emily, Hannah, Eloise, Abi


No match last week to report on but the girls were still involved in a football match courtesy of Ipswich Town FC. The Seasidettes undertook ball girl duties and turned Portman Road red and white. Good effort girls and hope you all enjoyed the experience. 

Back to the small matter of U15 league football now, this week saw the Seasidettes travel away to take on Kesgrave Kestrels at the later KO time of 2.00pm.

Could they keep up their good run of form and make it three wins on the bounce ?


The game kicked off and immediately the Seasidettes went on the attack, forcing an early corner from which Eloise had a shot saved by the Kestrels goalkeeper. Charlotte, Amelia and Eloise were giving the home sides defence a torrid time but luck was just deserting them in front of goal. Charlotte was unlucky with a powerful shot just wide followed by another a short time later that hit the side netting. Maisie so nearly got a goal at the far post as a good cross just eluded her as she stooped to head in.

Throw in’s from Amelia to Eloise were turning the Kestrels defence on numerous occasions and causing them problems, Eloise was unlucky with header that hit the side netting and Charlotte came close with another effort saved at the near post. The Seasidettes were certainly enjoying the fair share of the match at this stage but that goal had still not materialised. Eloise smashed the post/bar with a powerful free kick and Charlotte had a cracking half volley from distance saved.

It was starting to look like one of “those days” until Amelia produced a great run and shot which was initially well saved but popped up for Eloise to head in at the far post. The goal sparked the Kestrels in to life and Katie (standing in for Gabby) had to produce a brave save at the feet of a Kestrels player who had broken free. The Kestrels were getting back into the game as the half neared to an end and were forcing the girls into a more defensive pattern of play for a while, however no more goals were scored before the half time whistle was blown.

Half Time

Kesgrave Kestrels FC  0  -  1  Felixstowe & Walton United U15 Girls

The second half started much the same way as the first finished with an early corner for the Seasidettes from which  Eloise was unlucky with another header, however, the Kestrels were not out of this match and for all the first half possession, the Seasidettes only had a one goal lead.

That lead was very nearly cancelled out with a strong shot from distance that just grazed Katie’s post, this acted as a warning for the girls and it wasn’t long before their lead was doubled. Amelia picked up the ball just in the opposition half and took off on a solo run before unleashing a long range shot that flew into the far corner, it did take a deflection on the way in but the way she was playing it would be unfair to deny her the goal.

The girls wanted another and Eloise provided it with her second of the match and what a goal it was !  Somehow she broke free from her marker and smashed a shot from a good 16-18yards into the opposite top corner. Charlotte then saw another shot well saved by the Kestrels keeper who unfortunately injured herself in the process. After a slight delay she bravely decided to carry on and managed to produce several more good saves to deny the Seasidettes further goals. This include one very good near-post save to deny Poppy her first Felixstowe and Walton goal.

Apologies to the girls I’ve not mentioned  -  this report would have gone on and on and bored the lot of you had I done so! Although a quieter day for the defensive element in the team, they still had to be alert and deal with several Kestrels attacks. The match was by no means one way traffic, Kestrels are good team and made the girls work hard for the victory. I have to mention the corner count though! I don’t think I can recall a match where one team has forced so many corners as the Seasidettes did! 

Final Score :

Kesgrave Kestrel FC  0  -  3  Felixstowe & Walton United U15 Girls 

Another good display from the girls and a deserved win. I think the girls are taking inspiration from the 1st team and their run of unbeaten matches, may be the matching kit has something to do with it?  I’m sure Tam will (rightly) lay claim to good coaching and match tactics. He has certainly got the girls fired up this year and they are getting just reward for their work, commitment and never say die attitude. Keep it up girls and enjoy your football.

Goal Scorers : Eloise x 2, Amelia x 1


Haverhill Rovers FC - Away

Sunday 24th September 2017

Suffolk Girls & Womens Football League 

Team : Gabby, Amy, Caitlin, Maisie J, Charlotte, Amelia, Emily, Maizie V, Eloise, Abi

Unfortunately I was unable to attend the match again this week so apologies for the lack of report.   However, given the result I felt the girls deserved to get their efforts mentioned on the website. I can only relay what I was told by my wife and daughter.  The missus rarely goes to football (bag of air and too cold being two of the comments normally received when asked if coming) but she did say all the girls played really well and deserved the win   -  high praise indeed.  Congratulations to Eloise for another hatrick  -  that’s two hatricks in two games,  returning her well and truly back to the top of the goal scoring charts.

Thanks to Haverhill for their hospitality and playing their part in a competitive match.

Well done Seasidettes  -  two wins in the first three matches continues to prove your competitiveness at this level.  Keep up the hard work and enjoy your football.

Final Score :

Haverhill Rovers FC  1  -  3  Felixstowe & Walton United U15 Girls 

Goal Scorers : Eloise x 3


Coplestonians - Home

Sunday 17th September 2017

Suffolk Girls & Womens Football League

Team :Gabby, Amy, Katie, Caitlin, Charlotte, Poppy, Emily, Maisie J, Eloise, Amelia, Hannah, Maizie V

Apologies for no notes on last week’s away match at Capel. Unfortunately I was unable to attend but was told the girls played really well and deserved more from the match.   The Seasidettes would also like to welcome Amelia to the team and wish her well for the season. Those that played have against her in previous seasons will know what a good player she is and what a good signing she is for the team.

The Goldstar Ground played host to Coplestonians FC for the girls first home game of the season.  The girls, clearly buoyed by last week’s performance, attacked Coplestonians right from the kick-off. A good through ball presented Eloise with the first chance of the match but unfortunately she was unable to convert. Amelia then produced a great tackle and run that enabled her to put a pass through for Caitlin to bear down on goal but the keeper produced a great save to deny her the opening goal.

The girls were putting so much pressure on Coplestonians that it was surely only a matter of time before they scored. Eloise smashed in another shot and was unlucky to see it graze both post and bar. Then the goal came  -  another well placed through ball saw Caitlin score. The girls were in confident mood today and went after more goals, the keeper produced another couple of great saves from Eloise and Caitlin hit the post but it wasn’t long before the second goal came. Amelia broke through from midfield and gave the keeper no chance with well struck shot, Several more chances were created but unfortunately no more were converted before the half ended.


Seasidettes  2  -  0  Coplestonians FC

The second half started much the same way as the first. The midfield of Amy and Poppy were cleaning up any Coplestonian attacks and Charlotte was offering attacking options with her desire to get forward a create chances. Goal number three soon came. Good link up play between Eloise and Amelia saw Eloise get her second of the match. The girls looked ruthless today and went in search of number four. A brave double save from the Coplestonians goalkeeper sadly saw her get injured and have to leave the field  -  a blow to Coplestonians because she was having a blinder. Emily then saw a long range shot clear the bar before a curling shot from Amelia hit the bar. Goal number four then came after sustained pressure saw the Seasidettes win several successive corners. From one, the ball broke to Emily, who standing just outside the goal area, produced a first time strike that saw the ball nestle in the back of the net  (sorry for the biased view, but it was a cracker). The girls were still not done though and went in search of more. Four became five as Caitlin got her second following great play from Charlotte. Poppy then set up Eloise for her second and the Seasidettes sixth. Caitlin was put through by Maizie V for number seven and her hatrick closely followed by Eloise claiming number eight for her hatrick.

A well-earned, quieter day for the defence of Hannah, Katie, Maisie J, Emily and Gabby today. Although the Seasidettes were predominately on the attack today, the defence looked solid and well organised allowing the attacking players time and space to create the chances.

WELL DONE GIRLS  -  You finally got the rewards your hard work and effort has deserved.  Well done also to the Coplestonian players for never letting their heads drop and playing their part in a highly entertaining match. All at Felixstowe wish your keeper well and hope she recovers from her injury soon.

Final Score :

Seasidettes  8  -  0  Coplestonians FC

Goal Scorers : Caitlin x 3, Eloise x 3, Amelia x 1, Emily x 1